Application for "World Cultural Heritage" Advocated


Traditional Chinese Festivals Application for "World Cultural Heritage" Advocated

Member of the Supporters Group and tourists are leaving their handprints on the banner over the 999 steps to Mount Tianmen scenic area to show their resolution of preserving traditional Chinese festivals.

On August 16, the Chinese Valentine's Day, the Supporters Group for Traditional Chinese Festivals’ Application for the Title of "World Cultural Heritage", consisting of 99 couples and over 200 young people from 56 ethnic groups, issued their initiative on Mount Tianmen of Zhang Jiajie, as the first endeavor to advance the campaign with concerted efforts.

This event was co-sponsored by the Chinese Culture Promotion Society, the Hunan Tourism Bureau, the Hunan Radio & TV Station and Bejing Radio & TV Station.

It is learnt that the other two events of the campaign will be the “Yueyang Pavilion Moon-admiring” scheduled to be held on Middle Autumn Day at the renowned pavilion, and the “Cross-Strait Hometown-viewing” expected to be held simultaneously on Hengshan Mountain and the Taiwan Alishan Mountain on the Double Ninth Festival.