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Another Scheduled Non-stop flight from Changsha to Taiwan Begins on July 4

A new scheduled non-stop flight from Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Taizhong, Taiwan, launched by Mandarin Airlines on July 4th. It is arranged with 104 seats. The flight number is AE295 or AE296 and its type is ERJ-190. Every Wednesday it takes a flight from Changsha at 19:40 to Taizhong at 21:55 or from Taizhong at 16:30 to Changsha at 18:40.

For the moment, there are three flight destinations from Changsha to Taiwan, that is, Taibei, Taizhong and Gaoxiong. The new added flight to Taizhong will provide a convenient channel for travelers going on a round trip.

Tour group in Taizhong arriving at Changsha

By Emma