Anhua Xiangshui Cave Drifting is open to Public

Xiangshui Cave is a scenic sopt in Anhua which is a small town in Hunan. On 19th June, Xiangshui Cave Drifting in Anhua, Hunan got officially operated. At that very day, tourist from Changsha, Yiyang had a cool experience of drifint in this hot summer. Over 600 tourists were accepted and travel income of RMB56,000 were created. Now, local people have one more place to escape hot summer.

Xiangshui Cave, located in Dafu town of Anhua county and borders Weishan scenic zone, is surrounded by towering and strange peaks. In this primitive forest, flourish vegetation make air clean. Xiangshui Cave drifting course is as long as 4.5km with about 200m drop height. It flows through inviting scenic spots of 38 deep pools , Xiangshui Cave and Fairy Bridge. It’s really a double wonderful experience of driting and sightview.

By Patricia