Ancient villages for National Day Golden Week


The ancient town of Fenghuang, Hunan

Located in the west of Hunan Province, Fenghuang (which means "Phoenix") is a small county renowned for its natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as colorful ethnic customs. The Tuo River flows through this old town, and wooden huts were built suspending over the river.

Fenghuang is the home of several minority ethnic groups, mainly the Miao and Tujia, and they have long used batik and tie-dye.

From Shanghai: take the train No.K79 or K111 to Huaihua, and then take a minibus from Huaihua to Fenghuang.

From Zhangjiajie: take the train No.417 at Mengdonghe Railway Station. It will take you one hour to get to the city of Jishou. The next morning, you can then travel by minibus from Jishou Bus Station to Fenghuang.

Dining: Fenghuang pickled radish, tofu in pickled vegetable soup and pickled fish in Miao Ethnic Style - these are all popular local dishes

Shopping: Chinese printed blue nankeen

source:global times