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Ancient Town in Guiyang Cultural Park to Take Shape

The photo taken on Feb. 13, 2017 shows an ancient town inside Guiyang Cultural Park is taking shape, whose main buildings have been completed.

With a total investment of about 500 million yuan, the 2,160-mu (144 hectares) cultural project is designated to be an urban park that is to showcase local history and culture.

The town is equipped with antique-style buildings including Guiyang Confucian Temple, Kunqu Pavilion, Museum, ancient stage, and folk culture-featured mall, to demonstrate Guiyang’s 2000-plus years of pailou (Memorial archway) culture, fortress culture, culture on pavilions, terraces and towers, xiangxian (country gentlemen who contributed to the social development of the countryside) culture, and culture on scenic spots and historic sites.

Source:  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website

Translator: Xiao Juan