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American Youths Experience Chinese Culture in Hunan

The 2011 Summer Camp themed with “Seeking Roots in Mainland China” for overseas Chinese youths and youths from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan started its Zhuzhou journey on July 12.

Five youths from Durhanm, North Carolina of the U.S. and students from Zhuzhou, Hunan Province of China took part in the camp.

On that day, American guests visited Shengnong Town, Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt Zhuzhou Section, Liling Ceramics & Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

After meeting with their pairing up students, these guests began their two-day Chinese family life in local families.

The summer camp lasts from July 11 to 21. During the period, they will learn Chinese language, calligraphy, Chinese paper cut and Chinese Kongfu, and experience Chinese culture.

They will visit cultural attractions such as Hunan TV, Hunan Provincial Museum, Chairman Mao’s former residence Shaoshan and scenic spots including Zhangjiajie, Miao villages and Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town in Xiangxi prefecture.

Translator: Xie Jingjing
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal