American Boy got married with Changde girl in Zhangjiajie

On August 15th, Matthew G.Winter got married with Changde girl Yin Wanyu. They held a multinational national wedding in Zhangjiajie, Attracting the attention of the local people and a lot of visitors.

Dressed in traditional costumes, lift the sedan to greet the bride now, The wedding was special to marry the bride groom from the United States. They chose traditional Chinese wedding in Zhangjiajie.

The groom named Matthew G.W, American, Engaged in financial work in Chengdu. Early in May this year, It had a French groom in Zhangjiajie to have a traditional wedding. In recent years, Along with the ascension of the popularity of Zhangjiajie, A growing number of international friends chose vacation resort of Zhangjiajie become a place to hold the most unforgettable wedding, In a unique way to witness their love.

Translated by Sophia