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Air Sisters to Worship the Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival

Golden Toad Biting the Moon

According to a journalist, in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, “Air Sisters” of Zhangjiajie will hold a ceremony to worship the moon in Baofeng Lake, praying for a prosperous and harmonious country.

It is reported that “Air Sisters” are several girls of Zhangjiajie Tujia ethnic group chosen by network mass-selection. They once took part in the shooting for a VCR travel publicity film titled Breathing Zhangjiajie that was showed on Zhangjiajie City Day in Shanghai World Exposition.

 Zhangjiajie Air Sisters

The custom of worshipping the moon can be traced back to the Tang and Song dynasties. Worshipping the moon is the privilege of women, who can make several wishes to the moon and pray for the protection from it.

Baofeng Lake is regarded as the “the Jade Pool on Earth”and “the Holy Lake in the Air”. During every Mid-Autumn Festival, a full moon and the mountains in the lake will constitute a wonderful sight called “Golden Toad Biting the Moon”.

Translator: Mao Yipan
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web