A Spectacular Night View of Xiangjiang River Bank Expected

Photo taken on June 21 shows a spectacular night view of the building complex composed of Changsha Museum, Changsha Library, Changsha Planning Exhibition Hall, and Changsha Concert Hall when lighting facilities around these places turn on. The building complex is nestled in Changsha Binjiang Cultural Park where Xiangjiang River and Liuyang River meet.

Changsha has implemented a lighting project along the banks of Xiangjing River since this May. Now the project is coming to a close and the lights are expected to turn on starting from July 1, 2016. It is supposed that taking a walk while enjoying the night view of the river banks will become a favorite leisure activity for the locals.

In addition to lighting construction on river banks, Changsha has launched related lighting projects at public areas, such as buildings and squares on main roads and secondary main roads of Wuyi Avenue, Furong Road, Shaoshan Road.

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal