A sea of clouds shows in Tianzi Mountain after "Solar rain"

The rain washed the green mountains, and the clouds were around the mountains. At 4 PM on August 2, the world’s natural heritage site, Tianzi mountain scenic area has emerged a sea of clouds after a shower of solar rain.

Since the summer vacation, the sunny weather in Zhangjiajie has lasted for many days. Wulingyuan has become the main destination for tourists from home and abroad. At 3 PM on the same day, a sudden change of weather in Wulingyuan, clear skies began to rain. About half an hour or so, the sun showed again, so magical beauty.

The temperature of the scenic area after the solar rain is significantly lower, the summer is more appropriate, and in the evening, it will appear the rainbow landscape, the next day sunrise will also be very spectacular.

Translated by Sophia