A Film Studio for Red Culture to be Set up in Shaoshan

Themed by “Love for the Hometown of Chairman Mao, Joint Work for a Promising Future”, a large-scale investment-solicitation event was launched in Shaoshan recently. Over 100 investors across the country gathered here and mapped out a blueprint for development. A total of 18 key projects were signed during the event with the contract volume reaching 10.27 billion yuan, making the event receive the most assigned projects and enjos the largest investment scale. Among them, the Film Studio for Red Culture project, with the cost of 1.5 billion, was particularly eye-catching.

With the natural landscape of Shaoshan core scenic spots as its platform, the studio will exert great endeavors to promote red culture, red films and red interpretation, and create a national-level red film-shooting base. Preparations will be made in May and shooting work started in June. The feature film and TV play “Yang Kaihui”(wife of Chairman Mao), the movie “Autumn Harvest Uprising” and the 120-episode TV series "Mao Family" will be staged in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the 120th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth.

Translator: Ma Huiqin
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal