90 million passenger trips are expected in Hunan during Spring Festival

The working meeting on Hunan passenger transportation during the Spring Festival on January 12th estimated that the number of passengers of road and water transportations will break 90 million for the first time during the Spring Festival period in 2011.
It is estimated by the Hunan Provincial Department of Transportation that during the Spring Festival in 2011, the number of passengers will reach 93,070,000, including 91,840,000 passengers of road transportation and 1,230,000 passengers of water transportation, up 5.5% year-on-year.
The Spring Festival of 2011 approaches relatively earlier and the passenger peak appears with the flow of students, migrant workers, tourists and people who visit relatives. In addition, it is still possible that it will be cold with snow and ice during the Spring Festival, which will have an effect on unimpeded and safe transportation. Therefore, to maintain a smooth and ordered transportation during the Spring Festival is still a tough task for Hunan Province.
The meeting urged that transportation authorities at all levels and transport enterprises should actively contact the Department of Education and Department of Labor for first hand information about the general and peak travel volume, destination and traveling time of the passengers including students and migrant workers so as to prepare for directing and clearing the transportation.