2017 Hunan Science and Technology Week Opens

The 2017 Hunan Science and Technology Week was inaugurated on May 20. The Standing Committee Deputy Director of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress Li Youzhi, and Vice Governor Xiang Lili, addressed the opening ceremony.

This event, lasting from May 20 to May 27, is themed with science and technology, and innovation. It will showcase the important outcomes of the targeted poverty alleviation resulted from science and technology, display the new technologies, products, and emerging industrial sectors driven by sci-tech achievement transformation, and latest sci-tech innovation progress and results.

Ten activities will be launched during the week, including a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) lecture during the opening ceremony; science and technology night; science popularization contest; intellectual property knowledge contest; innovation and startup series activities; safe and rational drug use popularization; and science and technology popularization in rural areas. Provincial departments, and all the cities and prefecture will organize various activities accordingly.

Translator: Pang Yuehui