2016 China (Hunan) Red Travel Festival Kicks off

On November 14, the 2016 China (Hunan) Red Tourism Festival kicked off on Liu Shaoqi’s Bronze Statue Square, Huaminglou Scenic Area, Ningxiang County, marking the launching of a series of promotional activities to boost red travel cooperation between China and Russia. 

Themed on “Promoting China-Russia Tourism Cooperation via Developing Red Tourism”, the event features various theme activities, including the opening ceremony, the China-Russia red travel promotion conference, a large-scale photography exhibition on the Yangtze and Volga River, self-driving travel on tracing stories of Liu Shaoqi’s overseas study from Huaminglou to Moscow, the forum on national red travel innovative development urban league, and inspection tours to Ningxiang, Shaoshan, and Changsha’s historical sites with a revolutionary legacy. 

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal