2014 Huan Xinhuang First Camp Festival is to Start Soon

Held by Xinhuang Dong Minority Autonomous County, Xinhuang first camp festival will begin during May 16th to 18th.During this days, Domestic outdoor lovers will gather there to feel a mysterious ethnic culture, Exploring breathtaking grand gorge and experience a more ecological and original camp festival among green mountains and clean rivers and Dong Villages.

Travelers must register at local tourist consultant center on May 16th.

They will camp at the LiangDuan Square of Huangzhou Fengyu Bridge or Yelang Happy Town. Two routes will be provided for them to experience. Route 1 is to walk through the Yelang gorge. Route 2 is to Chongshou village along Huangliang Road, where theywill visit local village, Have a comfortable spring bath, enjoy Dong folk customs shows, and join a campfire party etc.

Beautiful night of Xihuang

Translated by Zumi