2014 Chongqing Youyang Travel Marketing Meeting was Held in Zhangjiajie

On the afternoon of March 2nd, 2014 Chongqing Yoyang Tourism Marketing Meeting was held at Zhangjiajie Minnan International Hotel. The charger made a detailed introduction of Youyang county’s general information, tourist resources, tourist products and tourist routes. Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake signed a friendly contract with it. Yi Baoming, The vice chairman of the CPPCC attended and addressed on the meeting. 62 travel agencies’s chargers and mass media reporters also participated.

Mr Yi said“Youyang and Zhangjiajie should be relative for we share the same range of mountain-Mount Wuling and source of river. We all have long history and culture as well as rich tourist resources. Hereafter, We should have more exchanges and cooperations to develop a win-win tourist market”.

To give full play of each place and combine more excellent scenic spots, four golden Tourist routes have been formulated. With the improvement of traffic environment in Youyang, It only costs 2.5 hours from Youyang to Zhangjiajie, 4.5 hours from Youyang to Changsha. In the meeing, Youyang released the encouraging policies for Zhangjiajie Team Tour Ticket.

Youyang Tujua and Miao Autonomous County is situated in the southeast of Chongqing, Next to Hubei, Hunan and Guizhou province. It has an elegant landscape, rich culture and unique folk customs.Because it stands at the middle of gold tourist attractions like Yangtze Gorges, Mount Fanjing and Zhangjiajie, It owns a natural various special tourist resourcess . It has 2 National Forest Park, 2 National Wetland Park, 1 National Geopark, 21 tourist brands. Besides, It has 7 special tourist resources, Namely. land of idyllic beauty, Ancient towns, 100-Li gallery, Ethnic customs, Red classic attractions, religious culture and green ecology. Therefore, It is no doubt a very famous attractions for sightseeing, vocation, relaxation, Expedition and scientific investigation. Renowned as “The lung lobe of Chongqing”and “Cool County”, It has attracted guests from all directions to flock there.

Translated by Zumi