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2013 Zhangjiajie Square Singing Contest Began

Several days ago, Zhangjiajie square singing contest officially kicked off.

Taking “singing happily, showing Chinese dream” as it theme, 2013 Zhangjiajie square singing contest was sponsored by Yongding Civilization Office and Mango Radio– Sound of Zhangjiajie and co-organized by Rednet (Zhangjiajie) and Tencent. Zhangjiajie square singing contest is opened to everybody, no restriction of age or singing style. One more thing, tutors will give one-to-one specialized guidance to all contestants this year.

Four ways of enrolling:

1.Call registration hotline 0744—8211932 of Mango Radio–Sound of Zhangjiajie.

2.Log in Rednet (Zhangjiajie channel) or Sina Leju site (Zhangjiajie channel) and enter into Zhangjiajie square singing contest’s activity area to fill in on-line application form.

3.Send micro log topic @ 2013 Square singing contest and @ Registration content and @ Mango Radio–Sound of  Zhangjiajie or Zhangjiajie Leju site.

4.Send registration information to public Wechat account radio932 or Zhangjiajieleju.

Translated by Becky