2012 Zhangjiajie Wing-Suit Flying World Championship Competition Results

The preliminary of the first wing-suit flying world championship has been finished with the marvelous performance of all the sixteen jumpers on October 17, 2012. But who are the Top 8 contestants and what is each one’s flying time? Please follow the list!

Top 8: Michael Swanson

Flying Time: 25.477 seconds

Top 7: Jhonathan Florez

Flying Time: 25.350 seconds

Top 6: Jon Devore

Flying Time: 25.252 seconds

Top 5: Anthony Uragallo

Flying Time: 25.110 seconds

Top 4: Jeffery Adam

Flying Time: 25.003 seconds

Top 3: James Boole

Flying Time: 23.921 seconds

Top 2: Espen Fadnes

Flying Time: 23.439 seconds

Top 1: Julian Boulle

Flying Time: 23.100 seconds

Translated by Vincent Chou