2 Villages of Xiangxi Ranked Among Chinese Traditional Villages’ Directory

Known from the building department website, the first batch of Chinese traditional villages was released. Fortunately, Shoubadong village and Hangsha village (Baojing County) are on the list.

Recently, building department and many other departments issued a document jointly, in order to publicize the directory list of the first batch of Chinese traditional villages. Overall, this directory includes 648 villages throughoutChina, 30 Hunan villages involved. Among all, relying on its 17 seats, Western Hunan topped this list, almost accounting for a half of the entire quota.

Traditional village mainly refers to those formed early, possessed abundant natural resources, show great historical, cultural, scientific, art, social and economic values, and should by protected. Meanwhile, the village is required to go along with at least one of the following conditions: “intact traditional architecture”, “traditional features on site selection and patterns”,” live transmission of intangible cultural heritage”.

Translated by Becky