18 Million Yuan to Upgrade the “Wulingyuan Wisdom Travel”

World natural heritage site Wulingyuan has launched the wisdom travel project. It strives to complete wulingyuan wisdom travel project construction at the end of 2016. The whole project is expected to be 18 million yuan.

With the rapid development of travel industry, Tourists have strong demand to travel intelligence and information. The original digital management can’t meet the needs of the scenic reception. Using the new technology, such as cloud computing, internet and mobile Internet, is imminent to meet the intelligence service demand.

This year is the “Wisdom travel year” which made by the national travel administration in China. Wulingyuan has also been listed as the first pilot unit wisdom scenic spot. “Wulingyuan wisdom travel” construction will gradually complete five unified intelligent management and service platforms, such as integrated information application platform, “Ann conduction” navigation service platform, meteorological service platform, travel official website, e-commerce service platform. At the same time, wulingyuan will build tourist information databases and tourist wisdom cloud data center.

It aims to achieve wisdom service, wisdom management, wisdom marketing and service of convenient intelligent information feedback.

Translated by Sophia