13 Mln Tourists in Hunan over Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

The Hunan Tourism Development Committee announced that, during Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival holiday, Hunan had more than 13.1 million tourists, an increase of 21.8% over last year. The travel revenue totaled over 8 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 29.9%. The tourist numbers and travel revenue both hit a record high.

Colorful Duanwu-themed activities were organized throughout the province.

(1) On the bank of the Miluo River, a thousand people recited "Li Sao", literally "Encountering Sorrow”, which was written by famous Chinese poet Qu Yuan, in memory of his 2350th birthday.

(2) Twenty dragon boat teams competed on the Miluo River, attracting numerous tourists from home and abroad.

(3) Quzi Cultural Park opened to the public on Dragon Boat Festival.

(4) A temple fair was staged at Changsha Fiery Palace.

(5) A dragon boat invitational tournament was held on the Fuyi River of Langshan Mountain Scenic Spot, jointly organized by Hunan’s Xining County and Guangxi’s Ziyuan County.

(6) Zongzi making and a live-action performance of Listening to Sounds of Nature were presented at Huangdu Dong Cultural Village, Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, Huaihua.

The traditional tourist attractions were crowded with visitors during Duanwu Festival holiday, including Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Yueyang Tower-Junshan Island, Shaoshan, Yuelu Mountain, Hengshan Mountain, Langshan Mountain, and Fenghuang Ancient Town. The tourist arrivals at 74 Hunan provincially-supervised tourist attractions increased 17% year on year to 2,678,700. Ticket revenue increased 47.3% to 253 million yuan.

Short trip and rural travel were a hit among tourists. A large number of tourists experienced farm work and culture, country music tent campfire party, and parent-child garden party.

Translator: Xiao Juan