12 Mln Tourists in Hunan over May Day Labor Holiday

The tourist number hit a record high over the Labor Day holiday. The Hunan Tourism Development Committee announced that, between April 29 to May 1, Hunan had 12.727 million tourists. Those who stayed overnight reached 2.469 million, and one-day-tour travelers reached 10.258 million. The travel revenue in this period totaled 7.859 billion yuan.

Hunan has improved the provincial infrastructure to ensure that tourist destinations, products and services are accessible and convenient to all. Distinctive tourist products have been developed to meet the varied demands of tourists, including “Red Tourism” (revolutionary site travel), ecotravel, countryside travel, cultural travel, industrial travel, and wellness travel.

During this May Day holiday, traditional destinations were crowded with tourists. The major Red Tourism destinations include Shaoshan, Yuelu Mountain and Orange Isle, and the original Japanese Surrender Acceptance site in Zhijiang County. Major ecotravel destinations include Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, Langshan Mountain in Shaoyang, Dongjiang Lake in Chenzhou, and Yangming Mountain in Yongzhou. Major folk cultural destinations include Fenghuang Ancient Town in Xiangxi, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town in Huaihua, and Huangdu Dong Cultural Village in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County.

Countryside travel was hot in the Hengyang Chashan’ao Scenic Area, Changning Yinshan Scenic Area, Leiyang Bamboo Sea, and Yongzhou Lingling Ancient Town. A large number of tourists spent their holiday there, to enjoy rafting, fishing, fruit picking, and farm dishes, and experience farm work.

Colorful activities were organized. A music drama performed by 101 farmers was staged in Xinhua Longwan National Wetland Park, Loudi. Hunan ETV’s live show of the unpowered flight event held on Niuyishan Mountain attracted numerous visitors to its E’huang Peak.

Translator: Pang Yuehui