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101 Domestic and Overseas Experts Discuss Nuo Culture in Hunan

Altogether one hundred and one experts and scholars from China and other countries like Korea, Japan, America, Austria and Singapore gathered in Linwu County of Hunan Province on August 16 to hold an academic discussion on the Nuo Culture (a primitive culture and part of Chinese traditional culture).

According to the experts, Linwu Nuo drama is distinctive in original ecology protection and vivid inheritance. Specifically, the performances such as offering sacrifices on the route of funeral procession, stone monkey and musical accompaniment are unique and of great value in cultural protection and research.

The academic conference lasts from August 16 to 19. Starting from the inspection and discussion on Nuo Culture in the county, it aims to promote the research and protection of the intangible culture heritage in new circumstances.

At the conference, such topics as research on Nuo Culture in Linwu, significance and value of offering sacrifices on the route of funeral procession, history and actuality of Hunan Nuo Culture, research on Nuo Culture in the context of intangible culture heritage and its development, relations between drama art and ceremonial drama, history and actuality of overseas folk ritual drama as well as 37 academic theses were shared and discussed.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal