10 Strongly-Recommended Hunan-Hong Kong HSR Tourist Routes Released

On September 26, the Hunan Association of Travel Services released 10 strongly-recommended Hunan-Hong Kong high-speed rail tourist routes in Liling, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. High-speed trains will provide tourists with a tour featuring convenience, romance, and comfort. More and more travelers will be able to enjoy brunch in Hong Kong in the morning, and admire the attractive sceneries in Hunan in the afternoon.

Ten strongly-recommended tourist routes:

1. Tour of Aspirations: four-day tour for ancestor worship at the Mausoleum of Emperor Yan and praying for blessings in Nanyue Hengshan Mountain Scenic Area;

2. Delicacies-exploring Tour: Four-day tour for exploring Hunan’s cuisine in Yueyang and Changsha ;

3. Red Tour: Four-day tour in Shaoshan and Huaminglou;

4. Cultural Tour: Four-day tour in Hengshan Mountain Scenic Area and Yueyang;

5. Ethnic Customs Tour: Five-day tour around Huaihua’s Hongjiang, Zhijiang, and Dong Villages; and Xinhua’s Langshan Mountain;

6. Dongting Lake Tour: Three-day tour in Changde Taohuayuan and Yueyang;

7. ‘Love of China’ Tour: Four-day tour in Huaihua;

8. Shennong Blessed Land-Colorful Liling Tour: Three-day tour around the Mausoleum of Emperor Yan and Liling;

9. Southern Hunan Tour: Three-day tour around Chenzhou;

10. Two World Natural Heritage Sites Tour: Six-day tour around Zhangjiajie and Langshan Mountain Danxia Landform.

Translator: Fang Qi