10 Finalists of Chinese Bridge Conclude Cultural Tour in Dali

Top10 finalists of the 14th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students took a comprehensive examination on July 18. Shen Suyun from South Korea ranked the first with a total point of 8. This marked a successful conclusion of their cultural tour in Dali.

During the competition in Dali, the contestants cycled around Erhai Lake, lived in “Chinese Dormitory”, and visited 90-year-old Grandma Mi Derun, the hostess of the last caravan inn along the ancient tea horse road in Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County, completing their cultural experience test. They will compete in the third round of the finals?in Beijing on July 21.

Contestants arrive in Dali.

Contestants bicycle around Erhai Lake.

Contestants retrace the ancient tea horse road.

Contestants take a group photo with Grandma Mi Derun.

Translator: Zhang Minsi

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal