1 Million Tourists Take Mid-Autumn Holiday in Changsha

Changsha received 1.068 million tourists, achieving a comprehensive travel revenue of 1.251 billion yuan, during this Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. 

Folk custom was a highlight of this holiday. Yuelu Mountain, Dufu Pavilion, Dawei Mountain, Weishan Mountain, and Shiyan Lake were preferred by tourists to enjoy the full moon. 

The Flower and Lantern Festival held on the Orange Isle, and lanterns display and Food Festival held at Yanghu Wetland Park attracted over 230,000 visitors. Intangible cultural heritage performances made by ethnic groups at Changsha Huodgongdian Restaurant enchanted citizens and tourists. Mooncake DIY was popular at many scenic spots and recreational farms too. 

In this holiday, road trip and tour by high-speed rail were preferred by most tourists. The expressways around Changsha and the Changsha South Railway Station saw a holiday rush since Sept. 14 evening. 

Family tours were hot during the holiday, especially parent-child agritainment activities, such as fishing, picnic, shrimp catching, wild plants picking, and making dumplings. 

In order to guarantee a safe and harmony holiday, Changsha administration for travel supervision and all scenic areas took measures to maintain order in traveling. Volunteers at the Orange Isle Scenic Area have contributed a lot to ensure orderly and civilized tours. 

Neither serious complaints nor accidents were reported during the three-day holiday in Changsha.

Translator: Pang Yuehui

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal