《Zhangjiajie In Dream》 First Intangible Cultural Heritage Drama Re-staged

A packed audience witness and praise for the re-staged of 《Zhangjiajie In Dream》 first drama with intangible cultural heritage and travel elements in Gezihua Theater on the night of April 18th.this night,several famous singers are invited to join.

《Zhangjiajie In Dream》 illustrates eight hundred years history of Western Hunan,which consisting of five chapters.

Chapter 1,The dawn of the world.It mainly tells audience about a fairy separates the heaven and earth.

Chapter 2,The prosperity of Tusi Palace.During this part cultural dances and songs are presented.

Chapter 3,The war in Southeast Yongding.Tujia men fight for their hometown and honor.Sacrifices are inevitable,tears are touching.During this chapter,Vampire controlling is shown.

Chapter 4,Romantic love in Zhangjiajie. A love story and love costumes of Tujia people are illustrated.

Chapter 5,A peaceful life.Performers are dancing among the mountains and riversides in praise of their harmonious and peaceful life.

The whole drama begins at 20:00PM,lasting for 90 minutes.The Gezihua Theater is located in No.58,South Yingbin Road,Yongding district,Zhangjiajie city,near to Zhangjiajie train station and Zhangjiajie center bus station.

Translated by Aileen