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《This is China》shooting in Zhangjiajie and will be broadcast in Russia

From June 19th to 24th, the large Sino-Russian co-production documentary film crew 《This is China》 came to Zhangjiajie and conducted a six-day interview.

The crew will travel to Suoziqiu-Baizu style township in Sangzhi County, Tianmenshan Scenic Area, Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie and Shuiraosimen, and will focus on natural scenery, history and culture, local customs, travel and entertainment. Such as shooting, with the lens “Capture” Zhangjiajie green water, unique landforms and out of print scenery.

This documentary will be produced in Chinese, Russian, and English versions and it will be broadcasted by many domestic and overseas media such as “Russia Today” and China Radio & TV station.

Source from Xie Decai, Li Zhiguo