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Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave Embraces a Golden Rice Field

In Sept 20th morning,Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave ecological square is in full swing. The staff here are reaping with sickles or thrashing ears of rice with rice threshers and 25mu rice fields for sightseeing are ushering in a big harvest.

At the scene of the grain harvest, with purple leaf rice, yellow leaf rice, black rice, fluorescent rice, hand in photograph reflect intermingled with each other, an enchanting sea of gold waves will jump into your eyes when you look around. According to the working staff, every time when the harvest season arrives, employees in Yellow Dragon Cave ecological square will be organized to harvest these field and this year’s rice production is about 12,000 jin which will be shipped to the restaurant of Yellow Dragon Cave later as the original ecological green food for tourists.

“This idyllic scenery is so picturesque that we can hardly find a pure natural view in urban area comparable to it. I can enjoy a moment of peace far away from the armored concrete here” commented by Li qing, a tourist from Shanghai.

Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave ecological square was completed and put into service in 2009 and awarded the National Environmental Art in 2008. It was the pioneer to reclaim it green land using area to farmland.

By Brenda