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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Spot Put an Insurance for Tourists

Cored by the end of 2012, in wulingyuan scenic area, eight Red Cross medical aid station reconstruction projects have been fully completed and put into use, marking the finish of medical aid network, an insurance for tourists life.

Newly eight Red Cross medical aid stations, distributing in huangshi village, Yuanjiajie, the water around four doors, ten-miles galleries, cableway station, tianzi mountain, baofeng lake, huanglong hole, etc. Each aid station has the new medical instruments and equipment, making the eye-catching sign, system card and publicity column. Security has become the core scenic tourist life and also a scenery line. Also In the scenic area, setting up eye-catching fingerpost, staff hold for 24 hours, ensuring the life safety of the tourists, quickly and efficiently response to the accidents and incidents.

Translated by Sophia