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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Emerges in the Sea of Clouds During Ching Ming Festival

On tomb-sweeping holiday(Ching Ming), Zhangjiajie has rain and fog day, creating good conditions for the formation of clouds wonders. The emergence of clouds mainly occurs in fairy flowers, Shen Tang Wan, Yubi peak. With the big fluidity of the valley wind, the sea of clouds will change unpredictably, and grandly. Sometimes, it like a piece of prose poetry, with rich rhyme; sometimes, it like a painting, with deep image of beauty.

Meteorological department forecast, in April 6th, the last day of tomb-sweeping holidays, Zhangjiajie will turn cloudy day to sunny weather. At the appointed time, Wulingyuan sea of clouds landscape will be more magnificent.

Translated by Sophia