Zhangjiajie Welcomes Communication and Co-development with Foreign Friends

On 23rd Dec, Forum of foreign expert of culture and education was held in Zhangjiajie. Culture and education expert from different nations assembled together and had a communication over living and working condition. In this forum, Deputy Mayor, Du Fanglu, Attended and made a speech.

Since this year, Zhangjiajie City has continuously taken innovative measures to elevate management and service level of foreign experts of culture and education. Environment of bringing in foreign talents also improved. In 2013,seven educational institutions which is capable of employing foreign experts of culture and education has employed 13 experts from 6 countries like America, England and Germany.

Du Fanglu expressed his great appreciation to foreign culture and education experts for their contribution to Zhangjiajie’s educational development. He also said, owing to increasingly frequent economy and trade exchange with foreign country, Zhangjiajie is in more need of coalition of domestic and foreign culture. Advices from foreign experts on protection of human heritage, culture and education development are valued and foreign friends’communication and cooperation with Zhangjiajie are also welcomed.

By Patricia