Zhangjiajie Little Swan Art School Held Evening Party to Welcome New Students

On 3rd, Jan., Evening party was grandly held by Zhangjiajie Little Swan Art School to welcome new comers in Zhangjiajie Academy of Jishou University. Deputy mayor, Guests from propaganda department of municipal party committee, municipal literay federation, assiciation of industry and commerce, Zhangjiajie broadcast TV station, municipal film association, municipal institution, Zhangjiajie love union and nearl thousands of parental representatives.

The whole party was definitely a great vision feast. Dances and songs programs were created, directed and performed by students and teachers of little swan art school. Little Swan Art School, founded in 1998, has grown into an integrated literary and art training school. It aims at integrated art training and training students to be professional and versatile talents. Accroding to students’ age, professional and basic course are taught separately. In addition, language, recitation and act courses are set to improve students’ oral expression and performance ability. Zhangjiajie Little Swan has successfully become a school creating talents and stars.

By Patricia