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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole Scenic Area Actively Prepares for the Golden Week

22th,Zhangjiajie huanglong hole investment limited liability company held golden week travel reception work conference. It showed that during the golden week, scenic spot would further strengthen cooperation, improve the infrastructure construction, and strive to achieve the “security, order, quality, and efficiency” four unity purpose.

Mid-Autumn festival and the National Day, the state council on is exempted from the mini-bus tolls policy encouragement. Self-driving tour is expected to be increased significantly. In view of this situation, huanglong hole sets help desk in the scenic spot parking lot and multiple highway sections, and provides line guide, warm prompt, the distribution of free brochure and other services, thus improving the service quality.

In addition, establishing headquarters, improving the infrastructure construction, and sovling hidden danger. In the end, it will ensure the visitors have a safe, orderly, civilized and happy holiday.

Translated by Sophia