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Middle Aged and Elderly Challenged Zhangjiajie Tianmen Moutain by Bicycle

Recently, The ring city bicycle friendly race and Tianmen Moutain bicycle challenge was held in Zhangjiajie. This was also one of the subject activities of the first Chinese older international cultural travel festival.

In order to advocate caring about our city as well as low carbon life, more than 1300 bicycle enthusiasts went cycling around Zhangjiajie and challenged the well-known winding hilly road in Tianmen Mountain together.

All participators were divided into three groups: men’s prime group, men’s youth group and women’s mass group. The first person to reach the finishing line was a 45 year-old university teacher named Zong Yuerong, coming from Kunming,Yunnan province. It took 1 hour, 17 minutes and 12 seconds for him to finish the whole journey.

Translated by Becky