Zhangjiajie Photographer Zhang Guangzhi’s Works won Two Awards

On January 22nd, from Zhangjiajie photographers’ association, The creative photography of Zhang Guangzhi “Water fans shadow” was rated as quality prize in the first “Splendid xiaoxiang, happy hunan” travel photography exhibition collection. It is understood that this is the second time for Zhang Guangzhi to win photography award in less than four months.

In October last year, in the third session of Zhangjiajie national scenery photography festival, Zhang Guangzhi creative photography “Cave fans shadow” won the bronze prize collection. Quite coincidentally, the two works were taken in Huanglong scenic area, and all the names contained “Shadow”.

Zhang Guangzhi over the age of 50, six years ago, he began to pay attention on the art of light and shadow. For six years, he climbed mountains and took a lot of Zhangjiajie natural and cultural landscape.

In May 2014, his first photo collection “The beautiful wonders of Huanglong cave” was published by hunan map house.

Translated by Sophia