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Zhangjiajie Landscape is Worth Putting onto Paints for a Million Times

In the morning of October 26, 2012, Mr. Wang Menglin, a senior painter who had been in Zhangjiajie for 8 times, could not help opening his sketch notebook and drawing the landscape on seeing the Bao Feng Lake in Wulingyuan Resort.

Companying with Mr. Wang, there were another seven painters including Ms. Wang Jinxing, the former vice chairman of Hunan Artists Association, who had recommended Mr. Wu Guanzhong to come here and paint. They are all members of Hunan Research Institution of Culture and History and landscape painters as well, and they all had been here for sightseeing or painting for many a time. This time they felt, as the same, very close to the resorts which were much crowded, and made high praises to the achievements managed by Zhangjiajie travel industry. They wished to come here as many times as possible to paint before they lose the opportunity everlastingly.

It was said that all the paintings these eight painters have managed this week about scenery spots such as Tian Zi Mountain, Farmland Hanging in the Sky, Huang Long Cave, Water around Four Doors, etc. would be presented in Zhangjiajie Landscape Paintings Exhibition in Changsha

Translated by Vincent Chou