Zhangjiajie Huanglong Scenic Spot opened Night Tour on April 1st

On April 1st,Tourist attraction Zhangjiajie Huanglong scenic area officially launched the night tour services.This day to the end of this year, visitors who travelled Zhangjiajie, can choose to enter Huanglong scenic area before eight o’clock every night. It is understood that during the 400 tourist caves, Huanglong hole is the only one for normally launching a night tour.

The night tour is convenient for tourists choosing time, greatly enriching Zhangjiajie travel products, to alleviate the pressure of the environmental protection. It also plays a positive role in improving the scenic spot service quality.

During the night, people in Huanglong hole, not only can enjoy the gorgeous ecological square, also can walk into the misty rain Zhangjiajie large 3D visual performance of folk culture.A lot of traveling salesmen welcome the huanglong hole project service, which can let tourists be more exciting for Zhangjiajie night life.

Zhangjiajie Huanglong scenic area, an organic part of Wulingyuan scenic spot, is the only listed as a world natural heritage. At the same time, the karst caves in the world geological park attractions, 1984 officially opened.More than 30 years, Huanglong hole successively has crowned “Cave all-around champion of the world”, “China’s most beautiful cave”, “China well-known trademark” and so on.In 2014, Huanglong scenic spot travel revenue reached 106 million yuan, becoming the world’s first “Hole”.

Translated by Sophia