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Zhangjiajie Fantastic Rafting at Guigu Gorge Hole

Hot weather is approaching ,why not have a relax and go for a fantastic rafting at Guigu gorge hole.

Situated at the south of Zhangjiajie ,a three-mile distance from the central city, Guigu gorge hole backs against the Tianmen Mount and closes to Lishui river .At the entrance of Guigu gorge hole ,there are a wooden corridor for rest , a row of bathroom and a room for preserving tourists’ luggage ,cellphones etc with staffs.When rafting begins, staffs would help you arm yourself safely with helmet and life vast.

Guigu gorge hole reaches 1200m long and 300m depth .Tourists walk along the winding road, can constantly catch gorgeous natural sceneries. Moreover,a beautiful orchard near the top of Guigu gorge hole waits for your coming.

A circled waterway is the first journey, then get ready for a fantastic rafting .Somewhere the water drops over 10 meters, which absolutely make you scream and relaxed.During the whole rafting , lifeguards at thrilling corners are ready for your service.


1,carry clean clothes with you in necessary.

2,not take your camera and worthy stuffs while rafting.

Source and Translated by Aileen