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Zhangjiajie: A Good Place for Preventing Summer Heat

Though having entered Autumn according to solar terms, people are still staying in high temperature. So everyone is urgently yearning for cool weather. Zhangjiajie becomes a preferable choice.

Natural air conditioning—Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is not very high in altitude, but gentle breeze always touches one’s face there despite burning hot outside. As one of the most important scenic spots in eastern tourist line, wonderful waterfalls are commonly seen there. On the bottom of Zhangjiajie Grand Gorge, a tourist line is set up by board along a quiet brook. Walking along this tourist line, Visitors can not only enjoy beautiful natural landscape, but also view history-related human landscape of generations.

Ice-cold and clear Golden Whip Stream

Serious drought this year makes most streams cutoff, while Golden Whip Stream keeps flowing.

Golden Whip Stream is the most beautiful in Wulingyuan, with clear stream and cruising fishes. Famous writer Shen Congwen once praised Golden Whip Stream as “a young girl of Zhangjiajie”. At present, Golden Whip Stream receives the maximum tourists everyday. The stream feels ice-cold even at noon when sun is the strongest.

Translated by Becky