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Wu Guanzhong, the Honorary Citizen of Zhangjiajie

The 19th of September, 2012 marked the unveiling ceremony of Wu Guan zhong’s statue in National Forest Park of Zhangjiajie. Several distinguished leaders and guests attended the ceremony.

Wu Guanzhong, born in Jiangsu province, is a well-known master of Chinese traditional paining. Besides, he is an ardent lover of Zhangjiajie . To search for painting materials, Mr. Wu went on a journey to Xiangxi in the late autumn of 1979. As he came to Zhangjiajie, he was so enchanted by the mysterious, charming and breath-breaking scenery that he created a huge painting and a delicate prose. In his words, it was a city full of hidden beauty and natural miracle.

Thereafter he established a friendly relationship with the local people and have been dedicated to championing for the city he adores deeply, especially Zhangjiajie National Forest Park which was called Zhangjiajie Forest Area. Through his full support with other famous celebrities, it helped draw national leader’s attention and later on build the first national forest park of China in 1982.

For the moment the people in Zhangjiajie are very proud of the city for its status as a world-class tourist city. In honor of him, the city awarded him the Honorary Citizen of Zhangjiajie in 2008. To the sorrow of the citizen here, he passed away 2 years later. Although he is away, his spirit will always with them.

Translated by Emma