The Premiere of Zhangjiajie Outdoor Travel Advertising Video was Acclaimed

On the 6th,Yangshuo climbing festival, Zhangjiajie outdoor travel advertising video broadcasted for the first time as reported previously. This video attracted broad attention of thousands of outdoor travel fans.

The whole advertising video lasts 57 seconds in total. From the shooting, editing to dubbing, It takes about 3 weeks generally. Its materials are from real pictures collected in earlier investigation. In order to show the resource of Zhangjiajie outdoor travel, The director also added wing-suited flying in it. Using some frames from the wing-suited flying competition as the end to point out the theme again“This is freedom, this is Zhangjiajie”.

As reported, developing outdoor travel is becoming a new sally port for Zhangjiajie’s transition and upgrade. This video is marked as the beginning of Zhangjiajie’s exploring in outdoor travel. Besides, Zhangjiajie becomes the first tourist city to own an outdoor travel promoting video in China.

Translated by Becky