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Tour of Experiencing Yao Nationality Initiated

Recently, the travel sectors in Jianghua County of southern Hunan’s Yongzhou City, signed cooperation agreements with six travel agencies of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other provinces, listing Jianghua as one of the tourist destinations in their promotions. And then, the tour themed as “Experiencing Yao Nationality” was initiated. Thousands of visitors from Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong will experience the distinctive culture of Yao Nationality in Jianghua. These days, the county has received the first Hong Kong tour group, marking the official launch of the event.

The Jianghua Yao Autonomous County is located in the southern border of Hunan Province and is known as the Town of Yao Nationality. There are nearly 50,000 mu (3,333 hectare) primitive forests, which is called “natural oxygen bar”. Since March this year, a Taiwan tour group consisting of 50 people started from Taipei, traveled to Lianzhou of Guangdong Province and then reached Jianghua. After visiting the Totem Wall, Changgu Copper Square, Panwang Temple and other scenic spots, they were deeply impressed by the profound culture of Yao and the natural beauty there.

Translator: Li Ling

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal