Tongdao County Develops Leisure Agriculture and Rural Travel

In recent years, southwest Hunan’s Tongdao Dong Autonomous County has vigorously developed leisure agriculture and rural travel. Its forest coverage rate has exceeded 75%.

Last year, 785,000 tourists visited Tongdao and brought travel revenue of 470 million yuan, rising by 23.2% and 54% respectively year on year. Tongdao was acclaimed as the national demonstration county of leisure agriculture and rural travel at the end of last year.

The county has invested 350 million yuan in the upgrading of 4A-level Dong Nationality Cultural Village of Huangdu, the construction of the peak area of Wanfo Mountain, the transformation of roads in Shuangqing and Jingtong, and the building of other supporting projects.

At present, the county has developed 12 key leisure agriculture and rural travel towns and townships, 15 leisure agriculture demonstration villages, and 28 leisure agriculture enterprises. Puxiu Bridge in Huangdu and Yutou Ancient Dong Village have been included in China’s eight items of classic village landscape and 15 landscape villages respectively.

Translator: Lv Xuefen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal