Tianmen Cave and “Tianmen Foxy Lady” Drama Will Open Again on March

Recently, Successive rainy days overcast whole land of Hunan. Tianmen Mountain thus was overcast by layers of cloud sea, cloud waterfall which flew around mountains. Moistened by rainy spring, flowers, grasses and trees start to spit buds and small animals fly around forest. Everything is so vivifying.

With winter getting far away, Tianmen Mountain will open again on 8th March. Eco cars will also be recovered at the same time. From 8th March, The ticket price will be RMB 258 per person.

Owing to the influence of successive overcast and rainy days, The first show of “Tianmen Foxy Lady” will be delayed to 5th March. Whereupon, updated large LED screen and newly added alpine search light will present you a flawless and shocking performance feast.

By Patricia