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The Newly Passed the Third Batch Nonmaterial Cultural Heritage of Zhangjiajie

Recently, the list of the third batch nonmaterial cultural heritage in Zhangjiajie which consists of 10 items has been passed and publicized by Zhangjiajie Government.

This batch is with high value of history, culture and art. For instance, “Zhangjiajie Sanxiaguo Hot-Pot”( Tujia Nationality Sanxiaguo Hot-Pot), listing in the food item, is made of three main raw materials so that it is named “Sanxia Hot-Pot”( San in Chinese means “three”.) It is originated from a essential dish “Mix Dish” for Tujia soldiers before they go to the battlefield in 1555 (Ming Dynasty). It is regarded as one of the most historical and cultural dishes in Zhangjiajie and now is very popular. Besides, Nuowu Dance from the town of Sangzhi has been in the list of dances. It began in Shang Dynasty and thrived in Ming and Qing Dynasty, featured with its elegant, classic and reserve style as well as its borrowing from Baishou Dance (Waving Hands Dance), Lanterns Dance, Tima Saint Song and other folk skills like Kongfu, Cheche Light and Horse Light, etc. It is considered as the “living fossil” of Tujia Witches’ culture (WuNuo Culture).

Translated by Vincent Chou