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The Distant Home Crew From CCTV4 Focusing on Zhangjiajie

August 15th,The large special program, North Latitude 30 °,Traveling China , which belongs to The Distant Home from CCTV4 ,going into the zhangjiajie. It has successively taken photoes and made interview in CiLi, SangZhi, YongDing area and WuLingYuan, counting for 15 days. By 30th, the crew has satisfactorily completed all the interviews in zhangjiajie.

The interview in zhangjiajie station has two sets. After the fabrication of the program being completed, it will show in The Distant Home of CCTV4,thus turning up to audience in Asian, Europe and American edition. Later on,it will be made into special edition to play in prime time, at the same time, it will also be produced to HDV in CCTV HD channel. It not only plays an immeasurable role in the promotion of zhangjiajie and hunan,but also improves the regional popularity and good reputation, thus promoting the development of travel economy.

Translated by Sophia