Second Online HN Cultural Festival Presents Hunan's Chinese Dream

The Second Online Hunan Cultural Festival was launched in October, 2013. Seventeen theme activities centered on the subject of "Chinese Dream: Hunan Chapter" were organized for the festival, by its undertakers - Hunan Official Web Portal, Voice of China Online Media Co., Ltd, and the Rednet Website.

In the activity themed "My Chinese Dream-Dreaming Hunan", over 12,000 Internet users participated in the interactive dream sharing session, after which top ten Hunan dreams were selected.

The "Chinese Dream, Hunan Love" thematic cartoon creation competition and the "Online Finance Expo" presented the everlasting dream for wealth. Another dream, the "Digital Hunan", a dream to achieve the annual output value of 100 billion yuan in network culture industry, was kicked off during the festival.

The "Hunan Government Affairs Microblog Forum" gathered leaders of government affairs microblog to share experience, as well as to improve the media literacy of government staff.

The "Happy Hunan", a large-scale art show, showed Hunan people's happy life by singing. The "College Entrepreneurial Talent Show" presented teenagers' perseverance while pursuing their dreams.

This online cultural festival played the network card, presented Hunan's cultural advantage and charm, and attracted attention from all over the world. The Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest spread Hunan’s charm to the whole world. The "Growth Road of Young Mao Zedong" Internet pilgrimage promoted the province's red travel development. Furthermore, the Online Shopping Festival for Hunan Specialties helped Hunan specialties go global online.

The festival expanded the global channel for spreading Hunan culture. Over 100 news websites including People's Daily Online, Xinhuanet, Sina, and Tencent reported the festival. The click volume of the online cultural festival thematic activities has totaled over 90 million person-times, and more than 500 netizens participated in the festival by voting, submitting pieces of writing, and joining competitions.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal