Malaysia Travel is willing to have a Permanent Cooperation with Zhangjiajie

On December 11st,2014, Held in Malaysia Penang state “Far Pandora, Close Zhangjiajie” travel product promotion conference, Malaysia Penang state travel board official has praised Zhangjiajie landform scenery as “NO 1″. It is willing to keep permanent travel cooperation with Zhangjiajie.

Malaysia is a “Potential shares” of Zhangjiajie travel market. After four years of market promotion, Zhangjiajie transcripts and degrees is widely known in Malaysia’s promotion, Many Malaysian citizens have to choose Zhangjiajie as the first travel destination. Many Malaysian salesmen also strongly promote “Avatar” series of travel product. According to incomplete statistics, nearly five years, Malaysia has nearly 100,000 people to come to Zhangjiajie, on track to rise year by year.

In the promotional activities of the day, Malaysia gives high praise on Zhangjiajie promotion travel. The honorary adviser of Malaysian Chinese travel association, Dato Albert Tan, Welcomes Zhangjiajie to promote travel products, the joint efforts of both sides to expand travel.

Translated by Sophia