International Photographers Climb Highest Peak of Langshan Mountain

On the morning of Oct. 20, five international amateur photographers paid a visit to Bajiao Stronghold-the highest peak and the best viewing place of Langshan Mountain.

Located in the south of Langshan Mountain scenic area, Bajiao Stronghold is well-known for its main peak's slanting with eight upswept angles. These five photographers took a cable car, overlooking the upright mountains and appreciating the natural scene formed by white clouds, green trees and red cliffs. At the top of Bajiao Stronghold stands the ancient temple from Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)-Yuntai Temple, where they experienced a blessing ceremony and ringing bells.

After the photographers went down the mountain, they drove to the last stop of this tour-Tianyi Lane. Walking through it, they witnessed a beam of blue sky.

According to Aawrish Khan from Pakistan, "I really appreciate Hunan Provincial Bureau of Tourism and the Official Web Portal of the Hunan Provincial People's Government for giving me this opportunity of photography expedition tour and I can't wait to share with my friends that there's such a picturesque geological scenery in Hunan."

Reporter: Ye Zijun

Translator: Liu Fang

Photographors: Huang Xiaohao and Chen Yixin

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal